Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Three Transformative Zoning Changes Approved

Yesterday was a big day for zoning changes downtown at the city council zoning committee. Three Uptown items were on the agenda and all passed unanimously.

First up, The Building Group's proposal for converting the Lorali at 1039 W. Lawrence from 161 SRO units to 80 market-rate units (with 10% on-site affordable) passed unanimously.
1039 W. Lawrence, The Lorali
Next up, a zoning change at 4635-39 N. Broadway was requested to build a wine & spirits store called "Hops & Grapes." The owner, Pradeep Patel, operates 15 stores in the Chicago area. The zoning change passed unanimously.
4635-39 N. Broadway
Finally, a zoning change that would allow construction of a 9 unit condo building with 10 on-site parking spaces at 4502-06 N. Beacon was approved. The building will replace a 45+ year old parking lot. The zoning change was unanimously approved.
4502-06 N. Beacon


  1. Anyone heard anything about fundraising progress on The Uptown Theatre? Was it all just an election ploy or is it really going to happen?

    1. It's in progress. They have been doing seismic testing on the foundation and other work that isn't readily apparent. No ploy. As with anything, it might move slowly, but it will happen.