Friday, September 6, 2019

New Developments For Some Familiar Faces

Recent developments in the professional lives of two of the candidates in this year's 46th Ward aldermanic race:

  • ANGELA CLAY is now a part of the staff at Uplift High School. From a recent Uplift newsletter:

    "Angela Clay is our new Community Engagement Coordinator. This position, which is new to Uplift, is designed to ensure that Uplift continues to be an involved neighbor in the Uptown community and City of Chicago, at large. Angela's portfolio includes organizing and administering Uplift's recruitment efforts, planning for student life, and outreach to current and future community members."

    You can keep up with all things Uplift here.

  • ERIKA WOZNIAK FRANCIS announced this week on social media:

    "Today would have been my first day of my 16th year teaching in Chicago Public Schools. Instead, I spent it in my new role at Chief of Staff to 39th Ward Alderman Samantha Nugent greeting students at schools across the ward.

    It is a pleasure and an honor to lend my years of experience and my voice in this new capacity. I’m thrilled to work with Alderman Nugent, one of the new class of incredible women leaders who have joined City Council in the new term, and to serve the communities of the #39thWard."

    The 39th Ward was most recently represented by long-time alderman Margaret Laurino, and includes part of Sauganash, Old Irving Park, North Park, and North Mayfair.

Congratulations and best of luck in your new endeavors, Erika and Angela.


  1. Well Uplift needs to recruit more students or be closed and let some other CPS school move in there. McCutcheon would do nicely there or perhaps Decatur Classical from Rogers Park--that building can handle something like 900 students and Uplift has under 200 I believe.

    So Angela needs to get to work before CPS gets their act together. Anyway the idea of an expressly political high school dedicated to the Social Justice Warrior ideals offends me. Just like a Trump High School Dedicated to Sharpie Art would offend me.

    That gig strikes me as make work gig for a supporter, but perhaps Angela will prove me wrong.

    The Wozniak move is interesting. Nugent recently worked for the County as Chief of Staff to "Homeland Security" office and apparently has strong ties to some folks named Madigan and Preckwinkle. She's probably being groomed to move on to one of the myriad county wide offices. She's a lawyer with solid academic pedigree.

    Why would she hire the Woz? Well for some reason that escapes me Chicago Teachers Union really really likes the Woz. That socialist who runs the union now seems to like making waves more than winning and the Woz is all about making waves.

    Having the Woz as her Chief of Staff would help Nugent line up CTU support if and when she makes her move for higher office. Plus IF the Woz moves to the 39th Ward that would make her a prime candidate for being appointed to finish any term after Nugent moves up.

    Ah the games afoot. CTU would get another teacher as an alderman and Nugent would get higher profile office. There are some problems with that scenario as Lightfoot, if she's "mare" at the time, might not play ball on the appointment.

    Plus the Woz would have to move and we know how "rooted" she is in the 46th. Anyone spotted any UHauls yet?

    I just decided to look to see what the other three candidates are doing, but can't remember the two guys names. Forget them.

    Now Marianne Lalonde's Linked in page is interesting. Seems Lala doesn't know how to proofread:

    I'm a trained Ph.D. chemist with experience in energy, environmental, clean water and pharmaceutical technologies. Currently, I'm using my scientific problem solving skills as a management consultant connecting academic technologies to industrial partners. I spent the last year focused on running to be the 1st scientist on Chicago City Council, successfully winning the February 2018 primary and falling only 25 votes short in the general election. I am actively seeking a position where I can use my scientific research background to inform policy decisions.

    Anyone besides me spot the errors? Now besides pedantic arguments over comma usage the election was in 2019. It wasn't a primary and she didn't win. It was a general election that ended in a runoff in which she officially fell 25 votes short, but after the partial recount was 30 votes short. A full recount would have likely had her at 45 votes short or more given that she picked the precincts to check. My guess is full recount would have shown a Capplelandslide of 60-100 vote win.

    Anyway it will be interesting to watch. Lala has still been spotted at various community meetings, sometimes well outside of the block club boundaries she represents, so I fully expect her to run again in 2023.

    I may run too. The contest will be billed as the "Thrilla in Vanilla". The Ginger Menace versus Me with my Thor-like hair. I pity the fool who runs against me and my hammer.

  2. I'd say she has plenty of time.

    "So Angela needs to get to work before CPS gets their act together"

  3. As some one who has a job to pay my bills i am very thankful cappleman got re elected