Sunday, September 15, 2019

"Lost Uptown: The Rainbo Roller Rink"

Saturday, September 21, 2019
Bezazian Branch Library, 1226 West Ainslie

From the earliest jazz, dancing and political rallies to jai alai, ice skating, roller skating, boxing and rock'n'roll concerts, this entertainment venue had it all. Many Chicagoans remember having their first kiss, dance or skate there -- or maybe all three. Later, the Rainbo was also important to the deejay, hip-hop and graffiti art scene.

Local journalist and historian Andy Pierce will share great historic photos and interesting information to help bring this memorable place of Lost Chicago back to life. You may remember Andy as one of the founders of Friends of the Uptown Theatre and a as a presenter at Bezazian on the history of the Uptown. He was a reporter for Lerner Newspapers and served the City of Chicago in the Department of Buildings and in the City Council Division. Andy recently exhibited his Rainbo photographs at the Sulzer Regional Library.

This program is sponsored by the Friends of Bezazian. For more information about the Friends, please check out their Facebook page.

Photo courtesy of the Digital Research Library of Illinois History Journal, from its in-depth article about the Rainbo.


  1. Hi there.....I am the former owner of Rainbo during it's years as an ice rink, rock concerts, skateboard park, tennis court and more. I would love to take part in the presentation if you would like. I have a lot of memorabilia from Rainbo starting in 1957.