Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Even MORE Artwork Graces Wilson Avenue

Completed mural by Uptown artist Rodney Duran
Two new works of art have been completed on Wilson Avenue.

The mural by Uptown artist Rodney Duran on the alley side of 4600 N. Magnolia was wrapped up earlier this week. It features a lion mixed within bands of bright colors. 

Just down the street at Nick's on Wilson (1140 W. Wilson), the door just to the right of the bar's main entrance has been jazzed up with a fun, tropical mural announcing Nick's hours. It also features the symbol of Nick's on Wilson, a pineapple, which is a symbol of hospitality. We love all of the colors brightening up one of Uptown's major thoroughfares.

The new mural just outside Nick's on Wilson, 1140 W. Wilson

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