Thursday, August 29, 2019

Proposal For Property In Front Of New York Private Residences Revealed

SW view at Lake Shore Drive (CCA)
Ald. Cappleman just sent out an email blast detailing the latest plans for the large, vacant parcel in front of the New York Private Residences at 3660 N. Lake Shore Drive by City Club Apartments.

There have been rumors of development on this spot clear back to 2007. 

When the New York Private Residences were initially constructed in the mid-1980s, the building's balconies and windows were designed at a 45 degree angle to accommodate an additional tower as a "phase 2." Phase 2 was never built. According to its original developer, Phase 2 would have included much more:
''We will begin work in 1990 on a second 600-unit high-rise rental building directly east of the New York but situated for uninterrupted views in the original building,'' he said.

Eventually the $155 million project will include the twin towers plus 46 townhouses and 50,000 square feet of retail and recreational space.
The developer, City Club Apartments, plans a mix of studios, convertibles, and 2 bedroom units and claims the orientation of the proposed building maximizes the lake views of the building behind it.
Proposed NW view from Lake Shore Drive (CCA)
There are still hoops to jump through and ingress and egress issues to hammer out with the NYPR condo board. Eventually, the proposal will be presented to the 46th Ward Zoning and Development Committee who will advise Alderman Cappleman. View the complete proposal here.


  1. At the lakefront, you are never guaranteed a view.

    1. ^^ This. I live near that property and the land. I hate seeing that they're going to build on it. The space looks wonderful, it's open, and it's a mini-dog park. Too bad there's going to be a development there.

  2. I can hear the NIMBY whining from way up here in Uptown.

    I do like the proposed building though.

    Hopefully something will get built there soon before the economy tanks again and we hit another real estate recession. Otherwise more decades of sitting vacant.

    I think the worst part of being an alderman in a ward with decent potential for development is the NIMBYS. Always the NIMBYS.

    Given that this is likely Capp's last term before he runs off into the sunset of a well earned retirement he can look forward to no NIMBYs in the future.

    Whatever choice gets made here the NIMBYS will be inflamed like hemorrhoids after a bout of food poisoning.

    1. Do you live nearby? I do, and the open space is welcome.