Thursday, August 8, 2019

"Indian Chief" Building Rehab To Begin

4629 N. Broadway
The owner of 4629 N. Broadway has all but received permission from the city to begin the rehab of one of our favorite little buildings in Uptown.
The building permit issued yesterday states that less than 300 square feet of terra cotta will be removed for storage prior to repair and re-installation. The owner is still waiting on a "public way" permit which would allow for scaffolding outside the building during rehab. The building is currently not looking so great, but we look forward to seeing it brought back to life!


  1. Indian Chief is NOT the preferred phrasing.

    Native American Shepard of the People would be preferable.

    Except the "shepard" part. Shepard involve sheep which could involve speciest behavior of eating said sheep.

    Native American Executive Officer of the Week derived from a mandate from the masses.

    That works.

  2. Your sarcasm does not make you clever.

  3. How it hanging Chad?

    Can't we just all work together to make Uptown and Uptown Update a better place?

    On behalf of actors of Italian descent trying to go through life as a "Native American" I think we can.