Thursday, July 18, 2019

Welcome, Uncharted Books!

Uncharted Books has moved to Uptown** and is open for business!

The funky and fun used book seller/gathering place/event host is now located at 5140 North Clark, near Foster (and Hopleaf).

After launching in Logan Square in 2012 (and being named Best New Bookstore by Chicago Reader), it became beloved as an antidote to soulless big box bookstores.

Ramona says hi!
But the store eventually outgrew the original storefront, so the decision to move was made this year.  Uncharted Books re-opened its doors this month at its newer and bigger Uptown location.

If you haven't visited before, you're in for a treat. There are comfy overstuffed chairs, a reading & meeting room (available to members of the Adventurers Club), art on the walls, unusual gifts for sale, and best of all, you'll be greeted by Shop Dog Ramona, who gives appreciative attention to anyone who admires her soft fur and blue eyes.

They also hold book signings, poetry readings, and other events of interest. Check out the calendar here. Local author Daniel Kay Hertz (The Battle of Lincoln Park) will be there tonight!

If you have books to sell that fit in with Uncharted's eclectic collection, they accept them on Mondays and Tuesdays only, between noon and 6pm.

Hours are 11am-7pm Sunday through Wednesday; and 11am-9pm Thursday through Saturday. The website is here, and the Facebook page is here.

** For those who are going to say, "That's not Uptown, that's Andersonville!" -- it is both. Edgewater and Uptown are officially designated Chicago neighborhoods that are separated by Foster as a border. Within both, there are many unofficial neighborhood designations, like Bowmanville, Lakewood Balmoral, Sheridan Park, and Buena Park. Andersonville is an unofficial neighborhood designation that includes portions of both Uptown and Edgewater. Uncharted Books is south of Foster, so it is in Uptown -- and Andersonville.

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