Sunday, July 28, 2019

Soul & Funk Band Bumpus To Perform In Buena Park Circle on Thursday, August 8th

Buena Park Neighbors is proud to present its first Concert In The Park of the year, featuring Chicago-based band Bumpus and its "way down deep soul music."

The free show will take place at Buena Park Circle on Thursday, August 8th, 6:30pm to 8:30pm. According to their press release, "Bumpus and their powerful brand of soul music channels the uplifting energy of Sly and the Family Stone with the energy of James Brown and the reflective cool of Marvin Gaye." This will be the band's first appearance in Uptown.

Buena Circle Park is located at Buena and Kenmore in the Buena Park neighborhood.

Buena Park Is Good Living by the Lake. It is a small town, a resort town, nestled in a big town. It is a welcoming lakeside community that bustles with diverse residents who are active and dedicated to improving the quality of life for one another.

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