Friday, July 19, 2019

Extreme Heat Is Here For A Couple Days

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It's the flip side of January's polar vortex. Six months later, it's going to be hot - stupidly hot - dangerously hot - beginning around 10am, lasting through Sunday around noon. Heat indices are expected to get close to 115°,

The last time it was this hot was in 2012, and people died, including two in Uptown. In both cases, victims were older, and found in their homes, with no air conditioning, and windows closed. Hot weather is actually the most lethal of all weather conditions.

If there's ever a time to check on your neighbors, this is it.

We live in a community that has a lot of vulnerable people, including the elderly. Please check on your friends and neighbors who may not have air conditioning or who may not make the best decisions about their health. (If someone doesn't have a/c, it is recommended that they open a couple windows and use a fan to circulate the air.)

Part of what makes these days so dangerous is that it will not cool off at night. Please, take care of yourself and others.

DFSS will be checking on people living outdoors to persuade them to come inside during the worst of the day's heat. If you need a ride to a cooling center, call 3-1-1 to request someone come get you.
  • Stay hydrated. 
  • Keep an eye out for people suffering the effects of heat. (Maybe carry an extra bottle of water to give to someone who might need it.)
  • Wear a hat and sunscreen.
  • Don't exert yourself outside in the middle of the day.
  • On behalf of your pets: Put your hand on the pavement. Can you keep your hand there for ten seconds without it being too hot? If not, walk your pooch on the grass.
  • We know you're too smart to leave your kid or your pet in a car, but keep an eye out for anyone who may have done so. It's a death trap in this kind of weather.
There are places for people to go if the need to get cool:
  • The cooling center at 845 West Wilson (at Hazel) - it will be staying open until 7pm on Friday evening.
  • Hospitals: Thorek (850 West Irving Park); Chicago Lakeshore Hospital (4840 North Marine); and Weiss Memorial (4646 North Marine).
  • Police stations (19th District is at 850 West Addison; 20th District is 5400 North Lincoln).
  • Libraries (the Bezazian is at 1226 West Ainslie; the Uptown is at 929 West Buena).
  • Senior Centers (the closest is at Lawrence and Damen).
  • Park field houses - Margate, Clarendon, Chase, Gill.
  • There are water features in several Uptown playgrounds, including Broncho Billy on Magnolia near Montrose, and Clarendon Park (4501 North Clarendon).

Be safe, y'all.

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