Monday, July 8, 2019

Courtenay Elementary Invites You To Celebrate The 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing With Them

For months now, volunteers at Courtenay Elementary have been working on a multi-media project to teach and celebrate the lunar landing, 50 years ago this month. It would be their pleasure to welcome you!  Admission is free, and there will be games and activities for all ages—it’s going to be great!

Here's more about this once-in-a-lifetime moon party.


Indulge us for a moment, as we take you back in time…

The year was 1969. America was deeply embroiled in the Vietnam War, the fights for civil rights and equal rights bravely waged forward, just outside of Woodstock, Rock-n-Roll shook the ground of a dairy farm during a legendary three day music festival, and, in what has been hailed the “greatest technological achievement of mankind”, NASA astronauts left our home planet and landed on the Moon, becoming the first humans to set foot on another celestial body.

It’s been 50 years since the historic moon landing of Apollo 11, and we at Courtenay Elementary are preparing to celebrate this towering achievement.

So we’re throwing a party!

Whether you’re old enough to remember watching this historic event as it happened, or a young scholar learning about it for the first time, we will have something for everyone to enjoy!

First, there’s the Image Gallery. We’ve gathered hundreds of iconic Apollo 11 images into a timeline of events, from mission preparations, to the exciting launch of the mighty Saturn V spacecraft, all the way to splashdown. And of course, we will highlight the exact moment, when, on July 20, 1969, at 10:39pm[EDT], Commander Neil A. Armstrong descended a nine-step ladder, and placed his left foot on the surface of the Moon.

Along with the Image Gallery, there will be

  • a raffle, 
  • lunar-inspired activities and games, 
  • a geologist on site discussing the composition of the lunar surface, 
  • an Apollo 11 documentary on a big screen, and, 
  • weather and time permitting, we will have our telescope outside to get a closer look at our old friend in the night sky.

Those guests who are more Arts than Sciences can visit the Lunar Lounge. Since the beginning of time, our mysterious satellite has inspired not only advances science and exploration, but also enchanted artists of every kind. From cave drawings to folklore, paintings to poetry, modern favorites to classical music, allow yourself to revel in the sights and sounds of lunar-inspired masterpieces, created by some of the world’s most prolific masters throughout history.

So dig out those tie-dyed t-shirts, dust off the peace signs and fire up the old lava lamps, because we’re going back to 1969---and we’re taking you with us!

Join us as we commemorate that “one small step” with one giant celebration!

Event free to the public--Freewill donation encouraged.

Concessions and raffle tickets available for purchase.

All proceeds to benefit the Courtenay Elementary #AplaySPACEforAll initiative.

Event to be held at Courtenay Elementary: 4420 N. Beacon

Enter via the playground [Dover St. side]

Be sure to follow us on Facebook [@CourtenayLAC] and Twitter [@CourtenayTigers] for the latest updates on this event and all things Courtenay!"

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