Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Good Vets & Xfinity Coming To 811 Uptown

(Real Estate Listing from Harlem Irving Companies)
Thanks to the real estate listing for the 811 Uptown development at Montrose and Clarendon, we know now what's coming to the one story retail on the NE corner.

Good Vets, which currently has locations in the West Loop and Streeterville, has signed for one of the two retail spaces. In addition to vet care, they offer grooming and boarding services. This will make Uptown's second vet clinic after Wagnolia Veterinary Clinic at Wilson & Magnolia.

The other space will be home to an Xfinity Store. The closest location to Uptown is currently near Belmont and Ashland. Interesting to note that Xfinity has a new concept known as "Studio Xfinity" which features all of Xfinity's products as well as a La Colombe cafe. No word if that is what is slated for this spot at the moment. Coffee and cable could be a fun concept.

The big enchilada, the ground level retail space under the main tower, has not been spoken for, but our fingers are crossed for a Tony's Fresh Market, Fresh Thyme Market or maybe Binny's? (hint, hint)


  1. A Binny's Beverage Depot for that ground floor space in the tower would be amazing!

    1. We agree! They wanted to go into the former Sears spot on Lawrence, but it was too close to a school. Binny's would be awesome in that space.

  2. Looking forward to new vet clinic. I can't walk as well or as far anymore. Both Flopsie The Problem Cat AND I are both excited to meet all the new cats and dogs 🎈

  3. I'd rather have a Trader Joes' in the ground level retail space in the Main Tower.

  4. Hoping a Binney's doesn't negatively impact the amazing folks at Foremost Liquors on Argyle...

  5. Any idea when the new vet clinic will be opening?
    I would also rather have a Trader Joe's in the ground level retail space...