Saturday, May 18, 2019

Vintage Garage's 2019 Season Will Be In Evanston, Starting Sunday, May 19th

Go north, sellers and buyers of vintage goods!

Vintage Garage, which spent many summer seasons at 5051 Broadway, has gone suburban due to construction at the its long-time home base.

You can visit it at 1800 Maple in Evanston, between 10am and 5pm. The selling floor is the fifth floor of the garage, with free parking on Floors 1 through 4. Or, take the Purple Line to the Davis stop!

Admission is $6 (kids free) and the Garage will take place on three Sundays: May 19, July 21 and September 21st.

We hear that there's a full house on board for Sunday, so if you love vintage records, clothing, furniture, jewelry, tchotchkes, and more, you know where to find it.

Safe from wind and rain and weather conditions in general. ;-)

See the website here.

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