Saturday, May 11, 2019

Park Bait Shop: 61 Years, Three Generations, and Still Going Strong

Back in the 1930s, bait shops lined the Chicago lakefront, supplying people who fished to feed their families during the Great Depression. There's been a shop at the intersection of Montrose Avenue and Montrose Harbor Drive since at least that time.

Willie Greene used to be a supplier for the shop that was there then. In 1958, he bought the place and named it "Park Bait Shop." 61 years later, his daughter Stacey Greene owns it and runs the place, assisted by her son.

Meet the second and third generations of the family who make their living at one of the oldest bait shops in Chicago, right here in Uptown, thanks to Jay's Chicago on WTTW.

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  1. I don't think I've been here since my dad and I used to fish back in the 70s. Guess I'm due for a follow-up visit.