Friday, April 12, 2019

Latest Results In the 46th Ward Run-Off Election

The Board of Elections released the numbers of the latest vote count in the 46th Ward aldermanic runoff today:

As of Friday morning, there were 20 votes added to the tally:

  • There have been 14,087 votes counted so far
  • Cappleman currently holds a 25-vote lead, with 7,056 votes (50.09%)
  • Lalonde has 7,031 votes (49.91%)

Starting Monday, provisional votes and any straggler mail-in votes will be counted.

There will be no new votes counted after Tuesday.

In the 33rd Ward, Deb Mell trails Rossana Rodriguez Sanchez by 14 votes.

All four candidates in the two races with paper-thin margins have filed papers to protect their right to contest the voting results should they lose. So even when the totals are released late Tuesday, it still may not be over.


  1. It's extremely unlikely Lalonde can pull this out without a legal challenge and the chances of a legal challenge working are very slim. Still she should file for a recount.

    Might be a literal handful of mail in ballots left. Add in 20-35 provisionals and we're likely talking 30-35 votes outstanding. Even if it's 40 ballots out she needs over 80 percent to win.

    In terms of percentages the more outstanding votes out the better the chance Lalonde has.

    My sources at Team Capp told me they've hired Inspector Clouseau for the recount and he's already investigating mischief in some unexpected precincts. He will be handling any recount for Team Capp and his favorite saying is:

    "This is a very serious matter and everyone is this reuoom is under the suspicions."

    My guess is Capp wins this with 15-20 votes and her team finding that many wrongful votes is extremely unlikely and his team gets to look too.

    It's not over, but that turkey sighting in Uptown was not a good omen for the Lalonde campaign. In terms of Lalonde's campaign it's basically two days before Thanskgiving and some fat guy with a Butterball sweatshirt has a baster in hand.

    See you all at the CappleVictory soiree. I don't know where it will be, but they have a pigeon beer at Larry's bar in the Lawrence House so that will work for me.

  2. Whoever wins, isn't it great that our neighborhood is blessed with two high quality people willing to render public service? Uptown has a great future with neighbors like this!

    1. Who's the second high quality person?

      Did I run?

      OH, you mean Lalonde.

      In any case her hard work put her thisclose to winning.

      You know what you call a person who wins an aldermanic race by thirty votes?

      Alderman Cappleman.