Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Ald. Cappleman Announces Win; 4 More Years!

Ald. Cappleman outside the nearly completed 4555 N. Sheridan 
Alderman Cappleman just sent out an email to his constituents:

"This 46th Ward election should erase all doubt about how important it is to vote to have your voice heard. I am honored to be your alderman for another 4 years and I owe this win to all those many people who believed in a vision that involves us working together to move this ward forward for the benefit of everyone.

The 46th Ward is the best place to live because of the people here who call it their home. I love that the strength of our community is that we can celebrate each other’s diversity through the many values that unite us. We are an example for our city and the rest of this country.  I look forward to another 4 years of being your public servant.

A special thanks to all those who made the decision to run for alderman in this ward. It’s a true testament that we are a community that believes in community involvement and public service. There will be plenty of tough obstacles that will come our way in the next 4 years, but I’m convinced now more than ever that we can meet them with both grace and strength.

I also want to thank all those who worked tirelessly on my campaign. Their hard work and commitment to our ward has paid off.

The best is yet to come!"

Thank you again for putting your trust in me,



  1. After the last two weeks only a gopher can express how Capp must feel right now.

  2. A whole lot of people deserve credit for this Cappletsunami of a victory.

    First and foremost every single person who voted for him--Thank you.

    Then of course Capp, Richard, the hard working campaign team, the Uptown Update team who decided to endorse him and every single person who encouraged their neighbors to vote for him.

    We stood at the stygian abyss of a new Shillerite age in Uptown and thankfully looked away at the last second. For the record I love the word "stygian".

    I don't know what the 2023 race will look like or even what the ward boundaries will be, but for the moment progress will continue.

    The idea of Lalonde as alderman and owing her election to the worst groups in the ward like JPUSA, the other unreconstructed Shilleristas and the bangers who voted from Cook County Jail is too horrible to contemplate.

    Nearly everything went her way in this race and she's unlikely to get that lucky again. I expect her to be back though. She has some of the same qualities Richard Nixon had: big brain, socially awkward, and a driving desire or even need for power.

    We will have Marianne to kick around in elections in the future and I for one look forward to it. While Capp's victory margin over a lazy entitled Erika Wozniak would have been greater it wouldn't be nearly as sweet.

    I like to see the game played well and Lalonde played it well. She made one big misstep that cost her the election, marching in front of Capp's condo where he was called a racist, but if he had made any more mistakes she would have won. This was a wave election and five other hard core lefties won ward elections. The thing about waves though is they come in and then they flow out.

    There's no such thing as perfection and both campaigns made mistakes. Cappleman ultimately won because of the reservoir of good will he built up over 20 year of living here--every vote counted.

    I'd also like to praise his campaign and he himself for the ties he built to the African/Caribbean immigrant community. I had dinner last week in a local restaurant and the owner and waitstaff were giddy that he was ahead. These were people who have lived and worked in Uptown long enough to remember the days when crime and despair were much more evident. Can Lalonde truthfully say that?

    Nope, but what she now may realize perhaps for the first time in her young entitled life is that it it don't come easy.

    Then again she does know have a strong work ethic so like Dracula she will be back.

    Ain't no vampire worse than an entitled ginger vampire with a big IQ, moderately autistic social skills, and a strong work ethic.

    I'm not sheathing my cross or holy water. Only three and one half years until the next ward election.

    1. Also I'd like to thank Team Marianne for not emphasizing the Lightfoot endorsement more--THAT was her biggest mistake.

  3. IrishPirate, as always, well thought-out and sage commentary. Do you mind if I steal a little bit of this (giving you credit of course) to use in a Facebook post later )today?

  4. Marianne's campaign became very confusing to watch toward the end. She started out selling herself as a local block club candidate. But, in the end, she was took every endorsement she could get, mostly from organizations with a history of hating the local block clubs. So, who was she really? Will her local block club still consider her a leader after this? Or will she come out as one of the hate mongers and race-baiters with whom she aligned? Time will tell. Or maybe she'll just fade away into some chemistry lab and forget politics.

    1. She's safe in the block club since she changed the boundaries and moved Jesus People in.

      There's an old Doonesbury cartoon where George W Bush laments not being accepted into the University of Texas law school.

      Other guy replies life isn't always unfair.

      Capp won this and life isn't always unfair.

      It's been a long two weeks, but looking back how sweet this is.

      Marianne worked hard to put herself in the position where she almost won, but she has to recognize that it was less a referendum on her or even Cappleman and more the luck of the Lightfoot endorsement and a throw everyone out electorate.

      She lacks people skills and she seemingly knows that. Why else be a ginger scientist who takes improv classes? So she can interact with test tubes and tell her funny stories to them?

      I don't run for office because I know my limitations and telling people to STFU might not work or it might work and then I'd be stuck as alderman.

      She may run again and if she learns from her mistakes and experience this round will almost certainly make a likely 2023 runoff. A runoff that she will hopefully lose, but the future ain't written just like this election wasn't written.

      Vive la Uptown!

  5. I found Lalonde's speech to her followers earlier today.

    Supporters -
    - Of my Old Guard -
    - After three and a HALF years
    I have come to say -
    - Goodbye.
    Uptown has fallen.
    So remember me.
    Though I love you all,
    I cannot embrace you all.
    With this kiss, remember me.
    Goodbye, my supporters.
    Goodbye, my sons.
    And goodbye, my children.

  6. So, I see from the Sun Times that Marianne's election law attorney is Ed Mullens from Bucktown Law. Not a familiar election law attorney to me.

    So, I Googled him and in the images links found an arrest photo of an Ed Mullen that looks very similar to election law attorney Ed Mullen's professional photo. The arrested man had to resign his Ohio job in 2012 after entering another man's property and threatening him.

    Other links state that he has been involved in advocacy litigation in Chicago, which would be fine if he didn't beat people up in the process. Seems like Marianne may have made another interesting alliance.

    I Googled him some more and found this bio from a Chicago speaking engagement on "Public Protests and the Law."

    "Ed Mullen ( @edmullen3) is a leading election law and advocacy attorney who has a varied client portfolio from individuals to Fortune 100 companies. He is an experienced litigator and activist, having worked with various political organizations including the DNC, United Working Families, and numerous Democratic campaigns including Senator Claire McCaskill. For several years Ed was also the Managing Attorney for Community Integration at Access Living, a disability rights organization in Chicago. He is a graduate of The George Washington School of Law and the University of Pennsylvania.

    No mention of getting fired from a job in Ohio. But, how lovely! Just what we need in Uptown. Another lawyer litigating public protests. Looks like he might be part of the Alan Mills clan. Perhaps he, Marianne, and Uptown Peoples law Center can shut down LSD during rush hour, again. Sigh....

    1. Oh shit. That's amusing.

      Here's a link.

      I refuse to hyperlink because his pics offend me and the story and his bio match.

      One pic he looks like an angel and the other presumably mugshot pic he looks like angry red faced man.

      This amuses me. Marianne didn't deserve this, but perhaps she did. The karma train comes for all who deserve it and apparently between the results released yesterday and this mope attorney it has pulled up to Station Lalonde.

      Hey what's that sound in the background? It appears to be getting closer. Could it be? Why yes, it's the Karma Train.

    2. Oh this gets even tastier. Mullen ran for State Rep against
      Ann Williams in 2010 and got trounced.

      Who better to litigate an election than this guy?

      I promised myself I'd try to refrain from overly mocking Lalonde, but this is pushing my patience.

      Vive la absurdité!

      It's bad when you go from a candidate who lost by 25 votes to a joke because of a simple google search.

    3. The VISA commercial that would summarize all this:

      Running for alderman - thousands of $$$
      losing by 25 votes - hilarious
      having this loser as your lawyer - PRICELESS

    4. Appearing at a rally in front of your opponent's condo where's he called a racist--Easy.

      Losing by 25 votes--Life Isn't Always Unfair.

      Having this Loser as your attorney--Karma.

    5. I wanted to see what campaigns had hired Eddy "Can Turn into a Munster" Mullen and found something interesting.

      Mullen, Ed 2129 N. Western Ave
      Chicago, IL 60647 $1,800.00
      2/13/2019 Expenditure
      Friends of Erika Wozniak Legal fees Friends of Erika Wozniak

      I figured Wozniak didn't like Lalonde and this indicates I may be right.

      After all when your the blonde that expects to be elected Prom Queen and the shorter redhead science nerd wins the vote because she outworked you there's gonna be some angst.

      Thankfully though Erika has moved on and now bills her Facebook page as "Erika Wozniak Francis for Chicago".

      She just interviewed poor Kimm Foxx for her "The Girl Talk" gig.

  7. Looks like we missed a 4-year ride on the Crazy Train by a mere 25 votes. Thank God for that! I am shamed. I've lived in Uptown for 30 years and should know better. Repeat after me. I'll never be apathetic again. I'll never be apathetic again. I'll never be apathetic again.....

    1. Yeah I could have gotten Capp a few more votes too.

      We dodged a ginger asteroid this time.

      Lalonde was almost an ELE--Extinction Level Event for Uptown progress.

      What we don't need is an alderman who owed her election to the JPUSA or the gang types.