Thursday, March 28, 2019

Going, Gone! Dangerous Building At Sunnyside and Clark Is No More

Google Streetview photo from 2018, showing safety tape and the dreaded orange notice saying "OFF LIMITS, DO NOT ENTER"

Wednesday, the wrecking crew arrived (hat tip to reader SS for the photo)

As of Thursday noon, the building has been demo'd

The building at the southeast corner of Clark and Sunnyside (4453 North Clark) has been demolished. The retail spaces were empty dating back to 2015, and in the past year, the building (which had been around since 1911) was declared unsafe by the City.

The sidewalks surrounding it had been blocked to prevent pedestrians from getting too close; the City deemed it so dangerous that it was declared uninhabitable and unfit to enter.

We have been told that the property is now owned by the Black Ensemble Theater across the street.

A reader contacted Ald. Cappleman's office, who told him, "Thanks for reaching out. The building is being demolished for safety reasons and there are currently no plans for construction at that site."

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