Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Results Are In!

With the local results mostly in (scroll down in this post), and the mail-in votes still to be counted, it shakes down like this:
  • 46th Ward is headed to a runoff, with incumbent James Cappleman getting approximately 44% of the vote and Marianne Lalonde getting approximately 18%
  • 47th Ward will be heading to a runoff, with Matt Martin getting approximately 39% and Michael A. Negron getting 21%
  • 48th Ward was a runaway victory for Harry Osterman, who got approximately 84% of the vote
  • Ameya Pawar, the outgoing alderman of the 47th Ward, will go into a runoff with Melissa Conyears-Ervin for City Treasurer. She got 44% of the vote, he got 42%.
  • And, of course, there will be runoff in the mayoral race, with Preckwinkle versus Lightfoot.
There are a couple precincts yet to report in each ward, plus there are the mail-in votes to be counted:  1004 in the 47th Ward, 741 in the 46th Ward, and 553 in the 48th Ward.

So the Board of Election Commissioners for the City of Chicago will have a few days, maybe even a few weeks, before they certify the final totals.

Onward to April 2nd....

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