Friday, February 15, 2019

Research The Candidates, and GO VOTE!

The Sun-Times distributed candidate questionnaires to all who are running in the upcoming city elections. The paper has published the candidates' responses, and voters who are still making up their minds can read them here.

Below are the links for the replies of aldermanic candidates in the three wards encompassing Uptown. Early voting is open now; the election is on Tuesday, February 26th. Vote, y'all!

46th Ward:

47th Ward:

48th Ward:

Incumbent 47th Ward alderman Ameya Pawar is running against two other candidates for City Treasurer, as well:


  1. First, vote for Ameya Pawar. Seems like a decent guy.

    Second, as to the Fighting 47th don't vote for the woman named Angela ?? who mentioned Shiller as a role model. Just Don't. Besides that have at it.

    Third, in the 48th Osterman will win, but after today's stories about his ties to Daley hiring scandal he might wish he didn't.

    Fourth, let's look at the race in my own 46th ward.

    As we all know I support Cappleman and contrary to what some people like to post he's not paying me. Which is probably a good thing and shows how astute he is because at any moment the
    FBI may break down my door and arrest me for impersonating an aquatic character from Disneyland.

    Given how hard he has worked these last eight years and how much positive change we've seen in the ward I can't imagine voting any other way. I've been here for 30+ years and it amazes me how people constantly underestimate him. He's small of stature and quiet of voice, but he's tough as nails underneath that.

    Now the other candidates in alphabetical order.

    Angela Clay--seemingly sincere, bright, and should do well with the Kaplan/Davis lefty horde. Ain't gonna win. Also says Shiller is her role model. Exit stage left.

    Erika Wozniak Francis--I know I'm known for my humanitarian values and for having been awarded the Bahai faith's Pirate of the year award twenty years running, but I really, really, REALLY can't stand her. REALLY. Lazy, entitled, has lived in the ward for what seems like a week, but is actually somewhere between 1.5-3.5 years depending on which public record you choose to believe and seems to see the race as more a coronation than an election. The Chicago Teacher's Union is holding the crown about her head. She's actually done well in fundraising in the last two weeks as CTU and some other unions have stepped up their donations.

    The two guys Kreindler and JON-ROBERT--strike me as "off" and come the 26th they shall never cross the minds of the voters again.

    LaLonde is my favorite among the Capplechallengers. Bright, sincere, actually had been involved in community before deciding to run and will likely continue her involvement after she loses on the 26th. If you can't vote for Cappleman it's best you just don't vote, but if you do vote for LaLa. Hard work deserves notice.

  2. Here's a link to a pic from Kreidler's Facebook page.

    The Five Capplechallengers ganging up to pick on poor Cappleman and each looks more constipated than the others.

    I'm working on captioning for little thought boxes for this.

    1. Erika--Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore. Is this Uptown?

    2. Jon-Robert--JON-ROBERT, JON-ROBERT

    3. Angela--these idiots probably think Gigio's is a hair salon

    4. Justin--I'm glad someone might notice me--I'm the tallest

    5. Marianne--I have a PHD from Northwestern and I can't believe I'm going to lose.

    Really who's idea was this and who came up the debate just for the challengers? The more you five emphasize what you all agree on the more Cappleman is going to win.

    The only one who even pretends to be something other than a leftie at least on occasion is Wozniak and that's likely because CTU may have polled the ward and seen how popular Cappleman is.

    Her mailed piece about agreeing with Cappleman on many things showed that she's trying to appear more moderate than she actually is.

    Here's the exact quote:

    Alderman Cappleman and I agree on some issues, but I moved to this ward so I could run against him because CTU thought having a candidate down the street from a closed school would rally the voters and I did the GirlTalk series at the Hideout and Ben Joravsky at the Reader likes me.

    Ok, everything after the comma I made up, but you get the point.

    Do you want to know how light and awful a candidate Wozniak is?

    The Chicago Sun Times, which is owned by unions, endorsed Marianne Lalonde. That had to sting.

    The basically ignored Wozniak in their endorsement which is what the Reader and BlockClubChicago had been doing to the challengers not named Wozniak.

    Even Chicago Magazine ran a short piece which basically put it down to a Cappleman/Wozniak race. ThPPPPPPPPT

  3. Cappleman needs to win. I went to the debate the other day and the other candidates are out of their minds.candidate saying in one sentence that we need to update the current low income housing add more low income housing have more programs for people on welfare while lowering taxes and making it a safer neighbourhood what world do they live in I expected them to also talk about world peace and solving global warming. Uptown was ruined by Helen Schiller. She made this a dumping ground for all of the Northside problems. Angela clay her crony literally said in the debate at Bradley center that she talked her friend who makes 70,000 a year into public assistance housing. So now she is breeding parasites also. Some people need help....sure....but if u make 70,000 a year and need a handout u are plainly a parasite. And stop gentrification???? If u say that u r a racist plain and simple. That debate would have been comical if it wasn't so depressing

  4. Well it's happened ladies and germs. Helen Shiller has endorsed a candidate in our lovely aldermanic race.

    Who has she endorsed you ask?

    Well first let me remind everyone who wasn't around who Helen Shiller actually was.

    She was the alderman of the 46th Ward for 24 years.

    She also was part of Satan's entourage and was the person responsible for running into 7/11 and buying Satan cigarettes. Or so I'd have you believe.

    AFTER she left office Chicago Magazine did a good take down on her and her relationship with gangs. Took them long enough.

    She endorsed Angela Clay.

    Here are my theories as to her reasoning.

    1. Angela said in interviews that Shiller was her role model--it's nice to be remembered.

    2. WTF we know Cappleman is going to win so why not endorse the candidate most similar to my beliefs.

    3. Shit, we can force Cappleman into a runoff and screw with him so let's drive up Angela's vote and hope there's a runoff.

    I really don't know the reason. Last election cycle she secretly supported Amy Crawford, but tried to minimize her support because of her own unpopularity.

    I do know that if there is a runoff one person is going to be very happy about that. Bill Daley.

    Why you ask? Because the teacher's union really loves Erika Wozniak and she's most likely to make runoff, Right now my guess is it's gonna be Honest Toni Preckwinkle against Daley the Bald in the mayoral runoff. In a Cappleman versus Wozniak runoff CTU will divert resources from Toni the Pure to Erika the Woz and hence make Daley's election more likely.

    Who else would be happy about it? Well printers who specialize in political mailings would do well. While I want Capp to win in round one I'd secretly relish the opportunity to mock Erika into April.

    To paraphrase George C Scott in "Patton"

    God Help Me I Do Love It So

    Now get out there and vote for Cappleman. Walk over to Truman and vote early. Encourage your neighbors to vote. Encourage your partners to vote Cappleman. Remember friends don't let friends drive drunk or vote for anyone not named Cappleman. Also only you can prevent forest fires--along with Smokey the Bear.

    As always in Uptown it's a battle between the sane and the gang apologists. Between those who see better retail, transit and housing as a good and not some example of evil. By those of us who see new businesses or a reopened Uptown Theater as a public good and those others who see it as bad.

    So if you prefer the Uptown of 2011 with higher crime, fewer people, closed businesses, and an alderman who caters to gangs or at best ignored them and excuses their behavior then vote for someone not named Cappleman.

    If you like the Uptown of 2019 with a soon to be thriving entertainment district, thousands of new residents, safer streets and a responsive alderman vote for Cappleman.

    The choice is yours.

  5. Cappleman has our votes. Uptown has seen a lot of great progress over the past few years and he and his office have been very responsive and supportive of our community. We need to continue moving forward! Going backwards is not the answer as other candidates have unsuccessfully tried to promote.

  6. In this story we see a big time Wozniak supporter taking on Lori Lightfoot. I thought Martwick was supporting Wozniak out of some Polish ethnic solidarity, but it's more than that. He seemingly got his marching orders from Honest Toni Preckwinkle and was making a move to eliminate assessor being elected.

    Of course he went too far and Honest Toni had to disavow the move.

    Now Preckwinkle and the Woz haven't endorsed one another for tactical reasons, but it's clear that they and Martwick are involved in a grotesque embrace of cronyism and angst at the loss of Joe Berrios. In fairness though Wozniak may not know exactly who Berrios is because she's too busy taking angry photos in front of the Stewart School Lofts and studying maps of the 46th ward.

    "So Irving Park isn't a park?"

    "No, Erika it's a major street."

    "Really, but why is the word "park" in it and where is it?"


    Lightfoot and Lalonde have endorsed each other and while I'm supporting Paul "Where's my charisma" Vallas i'd take Lightfoot over Preckwinkle 8 days a week.

    As for Lala she marched with a group of students yesterday on Cappleman's condo so thpppt to her. Marching on his ward office or campaign office is fine, but his house should be off limits for marching. I said the same thing when Helen "Gangs and Politicians in Chicago: An Unholy Alliance" was in office.

    Early voting is open people. Head over to Truman and do it. It's easy. I did it last week and I'm as dumb as a box of NW side machine politicians attacking Lori Lightfoot.

  7. So a few of the wannabe aldermen joined the protest to Casa Cappleman? Joined in screaming and yelling and diverting police resources and disrupting the peace of the neighborhood with drums and yelling?

    Well, that's good to know. Because they just gave tacit approval to mobs coming to their homes and disturbing the neighbors and their own families. To having fewer police available. To having no expectation of privacy for themselves.

    Klassy, ladies. I hope your neighbors took notice so they know what to expect if you are elected.

  8. Ha! This website is great! Love the commentary.

    Sorry Im new here, but I can't but help notice how opinionated this "IrishPirate" guy about the woman in this race. Mommy issues... perhaps?

    And I have to ask, is "they just seem off", and "I don't like JON-ROBERT's logo"? the best you got for the men in this race? Let me guess, "They aren't worth my time." Right? Ha! it's okay, I totally get it. Only so many hours in the day. Between yelling obscenities about your mother into your pillow, posting Erika's address online, and sitting in your basement, jacking off your dog... who has the time to talk about everyone in the race? Totally, totally understandable.

    I can say that I've been to all the public forums, and we had one was hosted by my condo building as well, (I won't say which one out of fear that IrishPirate will post it everywhere on the web, because clearly he but I don't see what your issue with Justin is exactly? He's clearly cares about keeping housing affordable, and he's the only one that is not totally anti-development, or at least not totally pro-low income. He's like Cappleman light. And maybe he wont totally sell out to the developers like Cappleman has and can strike a balance.

    As for "JON-ROBERT", outside the Buena Park forum, which I thought was kind of unfair since they made him go first for EVERY single question, which no one ever does, he's been hands down one of the strongest candidates in that group. And he's the only one talking about the debt problem we have. He actually has the balls to talk about the things that really effect us, and not all the safe topics most candidates stick with just to get elected.

    The way I see it, if you were ranking the candidates based on the performance at the forums it's:

    1. Angela/Jon-Robert (Tied for first)
    3. Marianne
    4-6. Justin/Erika/Cappleman (switching back and forth depending on the night.)

    Is that why I can't find any comments from you - post forum, only pre? Or if you do say something, it's only to post Erika's address again...Classy.

    My guess, you work for Cappleman and see Erika as the biggest threat. So you shit on her and pay token compliments to the other woman. That way anyone who is totally Anti-your boss, might see your insane ramblings and split their vote between Marianne and Angela, and then you just pretend like the men are irrelevant for anyone left on the fence who also aren't sold on one of the female candidates.

    I don't know who Im voting for, but I'm leaning towards one half of your "gruesome twosome", Justin. I think he has the balance we need. But I can say Im kind of sad I won't get to listen to "JON-ROBERT" at these forums anymore. He's clearly very smart, and actually, damn funny too.

    1. I'm bougie. I don't jack off my dog in the basement. I pay someone to jack off "Wrigley" for me.

      I just looked through my old comments. I seemingly didn't mention Woz's current address. Did mention the street. Did post her old addresses which were reported in PUBLIC records for campaign donations she gave after she seemed to close on her condo in Uptown.

      That was designed to highlight and legitimately question how long she's lived in our fine neighborhood.

      I mock JON-ROBERT because his whole online campaign is pretentious and mockable. In fact if I had to guess I'd say you are JON-ROBERT, but that would just be a guess.

      I don't like Wozniak. Lazy, entitled, lived here about what seems like a week and a half etc. Lalonde is bright, but since she marched with the "Abolish the Police" idiots on Cappleman's condo she's down a bit in my estimation. I'm sure it doesn't bother her. Angela is personable, but just wrong on the issues.

      Kreindler is a bit off. I've spoken to him. If I see him again I'll ask him if hehas any recommendations for dog jerking off specialists. I hear Lakeview dog jerkeroffers are better than our more mediocre Uptown ones.

      Also JON-ROBERT seemed to participate in the "Abolish the Police" silliness the other day so thppppppt to him.

      Watch the results on Tuesday. Let's see how JON-ROBERT and Kreindler do. My guess is below 5% between the TWO of them.

      Here's what you'll likely see 4 nights from now.

      Cappleman--wins without runoff

      Wozniak--Sadly comes in second


      Clay--might come in third if her base comes out.



      Perhaps I'm wrong and JON-ROBERT's onionesque logo will carry him to victory.