Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Daycare/Preschool To Be Built On Site of Truc Lam Buddhist Temple

The Gardner School proposal for Truc Lam site, north elevation. (NORR)
Note that the meeting location has been changed for tonight at 6:30PM to My Buddy's, 4416 N. Clark.

See the entire presentation with renderings for tonight HERE.

The order of Buddhist monks who owned the Truc Lam Temple at Wilson and Ashland has completed a sale of the property.

A previous sale that was contingent on a zoning change fell through when the zoning change was denied. It would have put a 12-unit courtyard-style brick residential building on the lot, consisting of two- and three-bedroom condos.

Now the property has been sold and the building will be demolished this spring. No zoning change is required.

The new owners of the property will build a preschool/daycare building on the site, consisting of a two-story 14-classroom facility. The new owners will ask Ald. Pawar for an expansion of a loading zone on Wilson for pickup and dropoff of students.

There will be a community meeting about the new school on Thursday, February 28th, 6:30pm-7:30pm, at My Buddy's, 4416 N Clark


  1. It's a shame they have to tear that house down and not incorporate it some how.

  2. Where is the teacher parking area? Appears no space allocated for student pick up or drop off.

    1. All of that is in the complete presentation that is linked above.

    2. 8 staff parking spaces for 25 staffers is very limited. They want to eliminate parking for a 1/2 block on Wilson St. They want to drop off children on a busy street with no designated additional space to buffer the children from traffic. School maximized the bldg space but has minimized children's safety from traffic and is taking advantage of free street parking on nearby residential streets.

    3. I don't know why the zoning change for the residential wasn't approved, but this is what happens when that type of zoning change doesn't happen.

      In terms of parking the neighborhood would have been better off with residential.

      My guess is NIMBYs NIMBIED themselves into this.

  3. The neighbors didn't want a 12-unit brick courtyard building at that corner. One that had two and three bedroom apartments in it, perfect for families, on a residential street.

    So they played hardball with the developer and said no way no how.

    So now they're getting a demo anyway, and a two story brick building where no one will live, and they don't get a say in it because it fits the existing zoning.

    Play hardball with the developers at your own risk, because you may not like what goes in under the current zoning.

    Just ask the owners of the fabulous self-storage building on Sheridan. That really adds to the character of a great block with Tweet, Argyle Street, and the Somerset, doesn't it?

    NIMBYs gonna NIMBY, and they'll get a nail supply shop, a self-storage building, and a daycare building out of it because they can't or won't compromise.