Wednesday, January 2, 2019

46th Ward Aldermanic Forum Scheduled For January 15th (Revised)

Please note that all six candidates who turned in nominating petitions are scheduled to appear.


  1. I had a longer comment, but apparently deleted it. I blame my excitement over the post soiree gathering at the Bar on Buena.

    Here's their beer menu if any candidates want to try to bribe me after the forum--anything will work as long as it's wet--will vote for beer!

    I wonder which beers off the menu best represent each candidate.

    1. Angela Clay ain't on the forum flyer so let's say Five Rabbit Golden Ale--she'll need to pull a rabbit out of hat to appear on the ballot.

    2. LaLa has French Canuck ancestry so obviously SAUGATUCK BLUEBERRY MAPLE STOUT (PERFECT WITH FRENCH TOAST)

    3. The surname Kreindler sounds Germanic and a bit verboten so let's go with the Stiegl Radler Grapefruit Naturtrüb because it's Germanic and sounds kinda scary.

    4. For JON-ROBERT I'll suggest the Allagash White because only a white guy would capitalize his name that way and put out such an Onionesque Logo. Just look trust me--it's worth the guffaw.

    5. The Woz or E-WOW if you prefer will obviously go for the TEMPERANCE GREENWOOD BEACH BLONDE partly because she likely thinks Temperance and Greenwood are streets in the 46th Ward--it's an inside joke ask my wife if I'm not divorced by then.

    6. Cappleman will go for the ABBOT ALE because of his religious background.

    Now I know what you're all asking. What beer represents the IrishPirate?

    Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy because I'm a dirty bastard, just ask my next ex wife, and I'm a wee heavy.

  2. Why oh why do I read the comments. I knew it was you, Celtic Marauder, I knew it was you.

    1. It's campaign season....the weather is warm..........I apparently have a thing for the puncuation use of ".".....and the judge lifted the restraining order for me to comment on elections.