Saturday, December 15, 2018

Update On Lawrence-to-Bryn Mawr Red/Purple Line Project

rendering of reconstructed Argyle station, from CTA website (click to enlarge)

From Ald. Osterman's weekly newsletter:

"This week the Chicago Transit Authority announced their selection for a contracting team that will design and build the $2.1B Red Purple Modernization (RPM) Project. After an 18-month procurement process, the Walsh-Fluor team was selected to execute an historic project for our community and the City of Chicago.

This project includes reconstructing the Bryn Mawr, Berwyn, Argyle, and Lawrence stations, along with the track and embankment between the stations. Further south, it also includes building a rail bypass north of Belmont station that will improve service reliability on the Red, Purple, and Brown lines.

In 2016, before leaving office, President Barack Obama signed off on a $1.1B transit grant which, in addition to local funding including the Transit TIF, makes this project possible.

The RPM project, which I have worked intently on since my time as a State Representative, will be the largest public works project that our community sees in a lifetime, and will be a great improvement to a critical asset in our community. New stations and platforms will be ADA accessible, and track and signal improvements will improve train flow. The renovation of the Bryn Mawr station will be transformative for our community.

Crews are currently relocating utilities in the alleys adjacent to the train tracks, and construction on the tracks and stations is not expected to begin until 2020. My office is working closely with CTA, CDOT, and other city departments to be as proactive as possible in planning for the community impacts from the construction work.

During RPM construction, we will experience station, street, and alley closures. We are identifying solutions to address parking, wayfinding, and other challenges that our community will face during the work. We expect to begin holding community meetings with the CTA and the Walsh-Fluor team in spring of 2019.

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