Sunday, December 2, 2018

There's A Burglar Victimizing North Side Businesses, Including In Uptown

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There have been several commercial burglaries on the north lakefront lately, and the victims include Pokiology and others in Uptown.

The offender's m.o. is to throw a brick or concrete brick through the front window and go in to take the cash drawer, smash the cash register, and/or take off with any electronics.

When this has happened before, it's been the work of one person, and the police eventually find him.

The CWB Chicago blog did a post about it, with this advice to business owners: "After-hours break-ins have been a nagging problem on the North Side for several months. In a string of community alerts, investigators have encouraged companies to make sure that their surveillance and alarm systems are working. Police have also recommended the strengthening of rear doors."

Of course, if you see or hear anything going on at a time when a business is closed, please call 911. Let's get this burglar off the streets.

If you regularly patronize a small business, please be sure they're aware of what's going on and that they're taking precautions.

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