Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Behind The Scenes On The Way To City Elections

Monday was the last day for filing objections to the nominating petitions of candidates running for city offices. (The city election is February 26th, and this is one way of determining who will be on -- and off -- the final ballot.)

Objections generally claim that an insufficient number of valid signatures were gathered by each candidate. The Board of Elections has hearings on each petition to determine whether the objection is valid. No hearings have been scheduled yet for this election. In past years, they generally are ruled on by year-end.

There were 16 objections filed against various candidates for Mayor, seven against various candidates for City Clerk, and five against candidates for City Treasurer, including one against Ald. Pawar's petitions.

Closer to home:
  • In the 46th Ward, there were two objections filed against the petitions of candidate Angela Clay, one objection filed against the petitions of candidate Justin Kreindler, and one objection filed against the petitions of candidate Jon-Robert McDowell. No objections were filed against the petitions of candidates James Cappleman, Erika Wozniak Francis, or Marianne Lalonde.
  • In the 47th Ward, not one objection was filed, so barring anyone dropping out of the race, there will be nine candidates running for alderman. That should be a fun one to watch!
  • In the 48th Ward, there were no objections filed against either Harry Osterman's petitions or David Earl Williams III's petitions.
You can see all the objections filed through hyperlinks of this PDF on the Chicago Board of Elections website, which will be updated with the hearing dates as they are determined.

We will keep an aldermanic candidate list on the right sidebar of the blog.

Early voting starts downtown on January 17th!

1 comment:

  1. Mein Gott!

    The second objection to Clay was clearly not written by an election lawyer, but has all kinds of salacious claims.

    1. Perjury

    2. Multiple Addresses

    3. A veritable rogue's gallery of former Shiller supporters are mentioned.

    4. Space aliens gathering signatures.

    5. The actual undead signing petitions.

    6. Fraud.

    7. Bigamy. Multiple wives. Cocaine--El Chapo signed.

    Ok, I'm making some of that up, but it's utterly bizarre.

    Now I expect that at least two of the three challenged will be kicked off the ballot for lack of proper signatures or format. Maybe all three. The election lawyer who filed the challenges doesn't screw around.

    The three challenges filed by the same attorney are all boilerplate legalese.

    The amusing one is the 125th challenge filed against an aldermanic candidate in the listings. Have a beer and some LSD before you read it.

    The Capplemaniac campaign is likely indirectly behind the boilerplate challenges, but the crazed one is likely from one of the female candidates. I'd put my money on the E-Wow campaign since that seems to be the bigger mess. LaLa seems better organized and more methodical.

    I refuse to hyperlink because the crazy might rub off on me and I'm unsure if my lithium prescription could handle it.