Thursday, November 1, 2018

Sol's On Sheridan Has Closed (Updated)

A well-loved Uptown restaurant has shuttered its doors.

A reader writes, "My husband went to Sol’s on Sheridan last night and saw them emptying out the restaurant.  When he asked what was up, they said they were closing for personal reasons.  

They were so good, it’s very upsetting."

Restaurants go out of business for all sorts of reasons, and we have no idea what is behind Sol's closure. There is no explanation for – or even notice of – the closure on Facebook or on Sol's website.

But we can say, if you like a place, support it! Don't automatically go to Edgewater or Lincoln Square when you're eating out. We have a lot of really good, locally owned businesses right here in Uptown, and if you want them to stick around, become regulars there. Shop close to home, eat close to home. Make Uptown a destination for dining.

Update: A reader wrote on our Facebook page, "The owner told me she was having a very difficult time finding a cook to stay around long. Also, a few weeks ago she told me she sold the restaurant."

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  1. I just noticed this the other night when I wanted to get some bibimbap! What a shame, they were fantastic.