Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Building A Better Carol's

We were thrilled to learn that Carol's Pub has been revived and will be reopening. It was hoped that the rebirth would take place this fall, but some necessary structural improvements have to be addressed first.

We are told that the west brick wall, facing Clark, had some structural issues and was no longer sound. The owners tell us the wall will be replaced using similar blond bricks.

courtesy Google Streetview

In a nod to aesthetics, the godawful circa-1960s thin brick facade covering the Clark-side windows (seen above) will be replaced (thank God). The old window bays will be the same size and location, but replaced with sliding windows that can open up in good weather.

We are also told that the iconic hanging "Carol's Pub" sign has been retained and is being refurbished. The owners intend to preserve the hand-painted signs as well.

We really can't wait to go back to our favorite dive bar. Here's to a round of Old Styles for the table and hearing Diamondback again.

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  1. I always thought that wall seemed to be bowing outward. Glad it's being taken care of, and glad Carol's is coming back more or less the way it was, only better.