Saturday, September 29, 2018

Treasure Island To Cease Operations; Time To Write To Trader Joe's

This afternoon Treasure Island Foods confirmed to The Maroon that it will be closing all of its Chicago stores on October 12th, and a University of Chicago administrator later confirmed to the newspaper that the grocery company is going out of business.

Which is very sad news for all the Clarendon Park and Buena Park residents who were looking forward to walking to a new Treasure Island at Montrose and Clarendon, as well as to shoppers who have been able to get hard-to-find foods there.

So, the stage is set for a different grocery store to go into the brand new space in Uptown, right off Lake Shore Drive, nearly completed, and turnkey ready.

In 2013, Trader Joe's decided against opening in Uptown/Edgewater ... but that was then and this is now.

If you'd like to see TJ's consider the Montrose/Clarendon location, write them! It will take two minutes and we may get the store so many readers have been asking for. Also, contact any of your favorite stores that might be interested in taking over the lease at a prime location just off the Drive.

The link to request a Trader Joe's is


  1. Trader Joe's is not the only option in this swamp of grocery stores within four blocks. Do we really need another grocery store. How about XSport fitness center, or a Home Goods or Khols store?

  2. How does the loss of Treasure Island affect Clarendon TIF?
    No TI as tenant = no high commercial property taxes paid = no money for fix of Clarendon Park Community Center?

    1. The developer of the property paid out the entire TIF amount ($15.8M) upfront and is now waiting on tax revenue to recoup his money. If there isn't sufficient tax revenue generated from this development, it is his loss. Of that $15.8M, around 1/3 of it has already been given over to the Chicago Park District and another 1/3 already went to the Low Income Housing Trust Fund. The remaining 1/3 went toward the actual costs of the development (the demolition of the buildings on the property). The developer is very motivated to get a grocer in there in order to pay back his $15.8M.

  3. Quit being so negative Ronrico..there WILL be another tenant, and all will be great..just will take a little longer...

  4. Khol's! LOL We also really do not need another gym, if we are talking about "needs".