Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Curious Case Of The Red Hyundai Uber

Did anyone happen to take an Uber ride last Saturday, say at around 4:13pm?

A reader's gorgeous blue Mustang was parked on the street on Leland when a red Hyundai with an Uber driver's decal turned the corner from Sheridan and plowed into the side of it. No front license plate, and a temporary plate in back.

Do we even need to mention that the driver didn't stop, and didn't leave contact information?

The Mustang's owner has called and emailed Uber, and (is anyone surprised?) Uber has not yet gotten back to her.

If you were an Uber passenger in this car and could share your driver's information, the owners of the painfully abused Mustang would love to hear from you.

Please mail and we'll make sure they get your info. Let us know if you want to remain anonymous.

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  1. Call Lauren from Uber at 612-517-1964. She works at their Accessibility violations desk, but when you tell her what’s happened, she should be able to help, or connect you with the right person.