Monday, August 6, 2018

Ald. Cappleman Makes Re-Election Run Official

James Cappleman threw his hat in the ring today for a third term as 46th Ward alderman with the announcement of a kick-off campaign fundraiser on August 29th at Lawrence House.

City elections will be held on February 26, 2019. That includes the offices of mayor, city clerk, city treasurer, and all 50 aldermen.

We are aware of three challengers for the 46th Ward seat: Justin Kreindler, Marianne Lalonde, and Erika Wozniak.

The campaign season officially begins on August 28th. That's when potential candidates can begin circulating nominating petitions for signatures. There must be 473 valid signatures for an aldermanic candidate to appear on the ballot, and 12,500 valid signatures for the candidates for mayor, city clerk, and city treasurer. All petitions must be turned in between November 19th and November 26th.

Then the official ballot is released and campaigning in earnest begins.

You can check that you are registered to vote; register to vote; and/or change your registered address here.


  1. I have nothing substantial to say on this topic, but I'd really like to tell Irish Pirate that was able to comment on this topic before he was.

  2. Well you're life is now complete.

  3. Kreiny is a new name to me. Seems to have been involved in campaigns in largely hispanic wards and coming at Cappleman from the left.

    The Woz seemingly moved here just to run against Cappleman and is the candidate of the DNAINFO crowd. Again coming at Cappleman from the left. Her campaign disclosure shows 24 donations ONE of which was from a ward resident. I'm sure Capp is quaking in his shoes.

    LaLapalooza has lived here a few years, which is more than the Woz can say, and has actually been involved in the community. Her disclosure shows 28 donations ONE of which was from the ward. I think Capp needs to change his underwear after contemplating the threat she poses. Again coming at him from the left.

    I'm going to write off Krikey or whatever his name is as a Krank. The Woz is counting on big money from the unions, particularly the teacher's union, but I doubt she's gonna get it. They need to spend their resources on elections they have a chance of winning.

    LaLapalooza is actually potentially the most formidable of the three candidates. She's lived in the ward for more than a year, has been actively involved, and has a PHD in Biology from Northwestern.

    The Woz seems to believe she can win based on being a teacher, her perhaps year long tenure in Uptown, and the support of the professional left. Friggin amateurs. Let's see how far her anger and entitlement take her.

    If this is the best Capp's opponents can come up with then this is going to be a boring election.

    In 2015 they managed to find Amy Crawford who had numerous advantages the undynamic trio don't.

    1. She could raise and spend a whole lot of money.

    2. Big Law background and U of Chicago law degree--played well in Lakeview.

    3. Could get support from the left and the right of Capp.

    4. Supersecretsquirrel lesbian connection to former cop union board member--no way that Union supports any of the undynamic trio this time.

    These three can only effectively come at Capp from the left and it ain't gonna be enough. The Woz's anger and angst ain't gonna play well in the face of all the development going on and her short tenure/carpetbagging makes her ripe for attacks from mopes like me.

    Really this is the best you can do?

    If this is the field of opponents then Capp can count on winning by say 15 points and avoiding a runoff. Maybe more.

    I'm not even going to enjoy the campaign. I enjoyed it in 2011 and 2015 when there were credible candidates to mock. This is like taking candy from a baby--there's just no joy or honor in that.

    Of course I do like candy...........hello baby candidates......prepare to repel boarders!

    In the past I've advised campaigns and I have a creative and devious political mindset, but I can't even imagine ANY reasonable scenario where ANY candidate could beat Cappleman in this environment. Sure if he got caught in some mega scandal he might lose, but how likely is that? A guy who doesn't own a car is not likely to be bribed.

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    2. Apparently over the weekend my wife was approached by one of the candidates and had a short conversation.

      Said candidate ignored the Krank and proceeded to badmouth her female opponent. Stuff like:

      She can't win.

      No support.

      It's a two person race between me and Cappleman etc etc.

      If that sort of campaigning continues this race may be more fun than I thought.

  4. So far, all I see of these candidates are SJW vs SJW vs SJW vs Alderman Social Worker. No ideas on reining in City Council's anti-business laws, taxes, and regulations. No ideas on making Uptown more business friendly. No ideas about making Uptown safer. Just the usual Uptown mantra of homeless this and homeless that, hating the police, hating developers.

    1. Yeah, the dearth of development around here is going to hurt Cappleman. Minus the new businesses and thousands of new market rate units.

      Robert you should join the race. The more the merrier.