Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Work Nearly Complete On Lawrence & Wilson Viaducts

Wilson viaduct at Lake Shore Drive looking west.
What a difference!

We've been talking about how unsafe the Lawrence and Wilson viaducts were at Lake Shore Drive for years now. Large chunks of concrete falling down below, water pouring through cracks in the roadway above... but no more!

A cyclist zips through the Lawrence viaduct on a newly
constructed bike path. 
New steel beams have been added on the underside of the bridges to better support the roadway above.

Wrought iron has been added between each of the concrete pillars separating the roadway from the divided bike and pedestrian paths.

Bright green paint denotes the bike path, separating it and the pedestrian walkway with bollards.

No more potholes from hell as you pass under the bridge, as new asphalt has been laid.

We are told the lantern style lighting that will line the top of the bridge along Lake Shore Drive is on its way.

We noticed a lot of bikers zipping by on the new green bike paths on their way to enjoy the nice weather.

Hard to believe these bridges were rated some of the most-traveled, structurally deficient bridges in the state. We are thankful the state found the funding to complete these long-overdue repairs.

Next up, we are told a muralist will fill the walls of the viaducts with welcoming murals depicting Uptown's rich entertainment history, much like the murals that were voted on several years back.

Plenty of space for pedestrians and cyclists to commute to and from the lake.

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