Thursday, July 12, 2018

Rainbow Shops And City Gold Close Up Shop at Wilson & Broadway

A couple weeks ago, we posted that Wilson Optical was moving out of the retail complex at Wilson and Broadway that is set to become a mixed-use TOD residential rental building.

Since then we've learned that City Gold and Jewelry (located inside City Sports) has also moved.  We are told that Joey Oh, the owner of City Gold, moved the business to Chinatown last month.  He hopes to return to Uptown when construction is finished. If you'd like to remain a customer, his contact information is above.

As of this past Tuesday, Rainbow Shops at 4607 Broadway closed (see photos above). It was the last remaining store on the North Side. For other locations, see Rainbow's website.

We have no information about whether or not this means that the new building at 4601 Broadway is closer to becoming a reality, and Family Dollar and City Sports are both still there and doing business. Stay tuned.


  1. Good to see progress being made on this future development.

  2. Other than getting a new watch battery, once every three years or so City Gold closing does not matter to me. Most of the articles they sold were tacky.

  3. Great news! Hopefully it will get rid of the drug dealers across the street by DD.

  4. Next to go: Family Dollar. Good riddance.