Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Do You Recognize This (Alleged) Package Thief? (Updated 2x)

We can't stress this enough:

Don't let anyone you don't know or aren't expecting into your building.

Don't let them follow you inside.

Don't buzz anyone in if they are ringing all the doorbells.

Because that's how stuff like this happens.

We heard from a property manager on Tuesday with these security photos attached (cropped and lightened for clarity).

He writes,

"I am sharing with you images from a property I manage on Montrose and Broadway. The individual in the picture arrived at our building, and waited patiently outside for 10 minutes until someone let him into the building.

He then went into the package room and took as many packages as he could before exiting.

He also arrived with packages, which means we were not his first stop."

The manager also mentions that this man is a repeat offender stealing packages from the building.

The pictures are good quality. You can see the man's face clearly, you can see his unusual haircut (shaved on the sides and messy on top), and he has distinctive tattoos on his right arm (seen in the bottom photo).

If you know who he is, or if you can provide any information, please call the 19th District CAPS office at 312-744-0064, or call (773) 989-8000 and ask for the manager of Buena Pointe Condos.

Someone out there knows who this guy is. Please share widely.

And, remember, this is one of several very good reasons to not let people into your building who you don't know.

UPDATE: Oh, look, here he is again, stealing packages from another building.

See photos below.

This isn't the only guy out there doing this. Seriously, take precautions:

  • This is Amazon Prime Week. If you're ordering from Amazon, you can have your packages delivered to an Amazon Locker. There are several in our area, including always-open 7/11s.
  • Call the cops if your packages are stolen. They can't work on crimes they don't know about.
  • Don't let people you don't know in your building!

Update: A reader of our Facebook page thinks he recognizes the man in the photos. He contacted both the 19th District CAPS office and the building's management office with the man's name. Now we wait and see what happens. But this guy is hardly the only person pulling this crap. Continue to use precautions about letting people you don't know into your building.

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