Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Burning City Neo-Vintage Festival Coming To Uptown Underground & Uptown Lounge

The Burning City Neo-Vintage Entertainment Festival presents a full weekend festival of neo-vintage entertainment including burlesque, circus, drag, variety and everything in between! 9 producers, 8 mainstage shows, 5 days, 3 venues, 2 sponsor events, 1 hell of a festival!

Chicago has a long and notorious history of classic entertainment - from Barnum & Bailey's circus tent by the riverfront, to Sally Rand's scandalous fan dance, to the Orpheum Circuit's vaudeville booking headquarters. 

Now, after over a century of progress, Burning City pays tribute to Chicago's high stake in the arts of yesteryear.  We're digging up those roots and using them as kindling to start a whole new fire - shining the spotlight on performers of all kinds who are taking those classic arts and giving them a modern twist!

Uptown Underground will be the location of the shows running from July 25-29. Uptown Lounge (1136 W. Lawrence) will host a "Rouge Cabaret and Neo-Vintage Dance Party" on July 25.

Tickets are more info on the entertainment is available here.

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