Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Press Weighs In On The Uptown Theater News

One of the most poignant things we heard yesterday after the announcement about the restoration of the Uptown Theater was from an older resident who's lived all of her life here. She said,
"When I was a little girl, we used to see movies at the Uptown. It was so magnificent that just being there made us feel special. There were thrones and statues, and it made us feel like we weren't just in a special place, it was that we were special ourselves."
May generations of Uptowners be able to have that same feeling after the restoration is done!

Friday's press conference drew quite the crowd of media types. Here are some of their stories:


  1. Hail Uptown.

    I just went looking to see if the two announced challengers to the Capplemaniac have said anything regarding the theater since this announcement.


    I know at least two people who weren't happy to hear this announcement.

  2. Another thing....if they turn it into a concert venue, it will have to compete with Wrigley, at least in the summer time.

    1. It will not compete against Wrigley as a concert venue. Wrigley only hosts two acts a year. The types of bands that can sell out Wrigkey are not the types of bands that will play The Uptown.

    2. Thank you, PB. It's also worth mentioning that Jam Productions runs all the venues already. They will figure out how to book this venue like the dozens they already do this for.

      I wonder which comic gets to film their special at a newly opened Uptown Theater first.

  3. Wait... who is challenging him? I can’t find anything...

    1. Therein lies the rub.

      There are two announced candidates running against him.

      Both in their 30's, female, white and coming at him from the left.

      One is a Chicago school teacher and the other has an impressive academic background from Northwestern.

      Now a political pro told me that the teacher will likely raise a bunch of money from CTU and other unions. I personally doubt CTU will give more than 10K and provide lip service to her campaign, but I could be wrong.

      The academically impressive candidate will likely raise virtually nothing unless her family has money. Her dad and a couple of friends have given her donations so far.

      Both have lived in the ward for a handful of years.

      One seems to have lived in Armour Square on south side as recently as last summer. Two summers before that she lived in West Town according to campaign donation records.

      Can you say carpetbagger? I knew you could. Just someone who's pissed off at Cappleman's policies and moved here with the likely encouragement of the teacher's union.

      The Northwestern PHD will likely continue living here after she loses. She seems more committed to the neighborhood whilst her teacher's union rival seems more committed to being committed.

      Now I guess I SHOULD mention their names and provide websites for their campaigns. I COULD do that and being that I'm known as a kind and loving individual I will.

      Search the last names LaLonde and Wozniak--then add in the word "46th". Their pathetic web presence and campaigns will appear in your search.

      Also tell the impressive Northwestern PHD that the 46th ward also contains a big hunk of LAKEVIEW. Last election about 38-40% of the votes came from south of Irving Park. She initially billed her campaign as "Marianne for Uptown"--friggin amateurs.

      Earlier I mentioned "committed" and the nice men with their nice white coats are here to take me back to the "rest home".

      See ya all later.

  4. Someone always has to turn something good into something political. Can't we just have a nice story?