Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Case Of The Vanishing Lav

Our local Aldi proclaimed it would be open during construction.

So it was a perplexed group of shoppers who showed up on Wednesday to find a closed store and a big green "License Suspended" sign on the door.

The reason? The demolition put the employee restrooms out of commission. It seems the Department of Public Health, weirdly enough, likes employees to have a place to use the facilities and to wash their hands. Hence, the closure.

We are told that Aldi is fixing the situation so the store can reopen.

If you are a dedicated Aldi shopper, you can find the nearest locations at 6221 N Broadway (at Granville) and 2431 W Montrose (at Artesian).

Photos courtesy of Roderick Reves/UU Facebook page.

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