Friday, June 15, 2018

A Facelift For Aldi

Upcoming entrance to Aldi directly on the corner of Broadway & Sunnyside

Current view of Aldi with "garden" (Google)
Upcoming Broadway elevation of Aldi (46th Ward Office)
Ald. Cappleman just released the plans for the upcoming remodeling of Aldi at 4500 N. Broadway in his latest newsletter. Work is expected to begin later this month.

Expect to see an updated exterior that reflects the latest Aldi branding and interior design. The steel beams that were added to distract from the lack of windows, and the taller translucent portion on the corner, will be removed.

New windows, though small and too high for our taste, will be added along the Broadway facade. The store will be expanded out to the lot line with a corner entrance directly on Broadway and Sunnyside.

Inside, expect wider aisles, better lighting and higher ceilings.

We are most happy to see the removal of the "garden" along Broadway that had more weeds than flowers most of the time. The tall, overgrown garden also provided a good hideout for not-so-great activities along the front side of the building.

2007 plans for Aldi showing the Broadway entrance
and trees instead of the garden
"Old-timers" might recall that back in 2007, the entrance was planned for the front corner, but was changed shortly before construction began and moved to the back parking lot. Despite renderings of people going through a front door (seen right), the community was told that there was never a front door planned, and that those people were merely "touching" the building because it was so beautiful. Still makes us laugh, even now.

The garden plot was also not in the initial plan, just trees. We are told that the back entrance will remain.

We will be much closer to the plan that was originally presented to the community over 11 years ago after this remodeling.


  1. When Aldi approached me about doing a building addition last year, they wanted to make their expansion in the back of the store. I insisted that it be in the front so that an entrance could also be added on the Broadway side. This will allow for more positive street activity along Broadway. The back entrance would stay for people who drive.

  2. I guess I'm a really "Old Timer." Not only do I remember the door drama, I remember shopping at the old Aldi. Excited to hear about the changes. I hope it gets built as planned.

  3. Sweet! Any idea how long the renovations are expected to take?

  4. Who you callin' old?

    I'm not old, I'm vintage and I recall the Aldi/Target/Wilson Yard lies and drama.

    Thankfully the Capplemaniac demanded and got a better plan for the renovation.

    I love the smell of renovation in the morning.......that sawdust smell........smells like..........VICTORY!

  5. Glad to see a new entrance from Broadway. Thanks Alderman!