Friday, May 18, 2018

Finishing Touches In The Heart of Uptown

Red stamped "brick" crosswalks are being installed around Lawrence & Broadway
The finishing touches to the $6M Broadway streetscape from Leland to Gunnison are wrapping up, the latest change being the addition of the stamped brick crosswalks at Lawrence and Broadway and other crosswalks in the immediate vicinity. The crosswalks are bright and make it easier for drivers to see crossing pedestrians.

The Uptown Square Historic District has certainly gone through a lot of changes lately. 

Speaking of which, we hear a perfect, new addition to the Uptown Entertainment District will be announced soon. Stand by for that.


  1. That looks great there. But, what about Wilson and Broadway. Or Sheridan?

    1. When they are streetscaped, I'm sure changes will be made. Broadway is due to be streetscaped between Wilson and Leland later this year. Sheridan is not currently scheduled for a streetscaping.

  2. What happen to the plan of the Uptown entertainment district? The Uptown Theatre is still an abandoned dinosaur.

  3. ....Well, if I was a city streets construction planner, I'd put off doing any permanent street construction work in, and around Broadway, & Wilson. ....Or along Wilson itself, from Broadway over to around the intersection of Sheridan, & Wilson. .....As this whole area will be a giant construction zone, this year (2018), *IF* the building projects mentioned in the article below occur as planned.

    ....See Article Here: