Saturday, May 26, 2018

10 Uptown Arrests In Federal Organized Crime Gang Raids

So apparently the Feds did some organized crime raiding this week, including in Uptown.

The CPD spokesperson tweeted late Thursday: "Yesterday & overnight, CPD, @FBIChicago & @ATFHQ began precision raids against gang affiliated organized crime in advance of #Memorial Day Weekend. 71 arrests, 13 guns seized, 7 search warrants executed, 2 cars & $55,650 seized."

"Over 100 individuals including 60 convicted felons arrested on felony gun, drug and prostitution charges in CPD, FBI, and ATF sweeps. 30 guns recovered including 4 from a southside day care facility."

The 20th Police District tweeted Friday morning: "10 of these arrests were made after a mission in the Uptown neighborhood: both the 20th and 19th Dist Tactical Teams were proud to support Narcotics Division’s operation to ensure we can clear the streets of drug dealers that bring violence to our community."

And in his weekly newsletter, Ald. Osterman says: "The Chicago Police Department this week successfully led a narcotics mission that arrested 10 individuals for selling narcotics in the Uptown area of the 48th Ward. This joint operation with the 19th and 20th District was focused on gang and drug activity in the area south of Foster.

This operation was made possible by residents calling the police about illegal drug activity. I want to thank the residents and the police officers involved in this mission. This effort will help continue to improve the safety in our community. Next week I will provide additional information on this operation."

We'll pass along information as we get it.

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