Thursday, April 26, 2018

Arrest Made In November Gang-Related Murder

Today the 19th District CPD tweeted:
"More great work by our Detectives! Last November a gang related murder at 1200 block of W Leland - last night the offender was charged with the crime after breaking through the “Don’t snitch” culture. Thanks to the Bureau of Detectives for helping us keep our communities safe."
Crime In Wrigleyville & Boystown has more about the man who was arrested, Keith Hayer, aka "Bang Da Hitter."

Update: And here's the Sun-Times with an update on the bond hearing.


  1. Jail and prison aren't synonyms. A first degree murder charge and held without bail means that the suspect is at 26th and Cal, or jail. Once sentenced, "they" or in this case, he, will go to prison. Facts are our friends!

  2. this guy has taken a life so he should get life in prison