Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Hello, Officer?

The 19th District police Twitter account posted a nice pair of then-and-now photos yesterday:

"Commander Buslik helped @ChicagosMayor @JamesCappleman  and @cta cut the ribbon for the new Uptown Wilson Av Redline El station. Our Lt Bob Vanna was there today just like an officer in 1923 when the station first opened."


  1. Why did they leave off the details around the clock though? Why not just recreate it exactly? That's kind of annoying. Otherwise, it looks great. Just finish off the final details.

  2. I'm still unclear on why they hoisted the whole thing up a full two feet higher than it was originally and disconnected the laurel wreaths and their keystones from the springers that "locked" them in to the cornice architecturally. It's just weird.