Monday, February 5, 2018

Chicago Police Arrest 13 in Guns and Drugs Sweep

From Ald. Cappleman:

"Over the past few days, Chicago Police arrested several key members of Uptown gangs for drug- and weapons-related charges.

Thirteen people were arrested during the sweep, including 11 adults and two juveniles. Those with a previous felony history for the same crimes will likely face additional penalties for repeat offenses.

These arrests are part of a continued effort to address drug sales and violence in the 46th Ward. The ongoing operation also included the arrest of eight people in November. We owe a special thanks to community members for their vigilance and contribution to efforts that have resulted in these arrests.

It is not uncommon for an uptick in violence to occur after a large number of arrests, as gangs re-calibrate their leadership and territory. Chicago Police stated that they are prepared to handle a potential increase in violence with additional patrols in targeted areas. It is critical during this time that we all report any suspicious activity to 911."


  1. Let's hope they didn't get a judge who would let them back out on the street in a matter of hours.

  2. Sounds all well and good but given our legal system here in Cook co., I am sure they'll all be back on the streets by the end of summer.