Tuesday, January 23, 2018

"The Renslow" Rendering Surfaces For Former Man's Country Site

5015 N. Clark, "The Renslow" (Quest Realty)
We now know what to expect on the site of the now shuttered Man's Country Bathhouse in Alderman Ameya Pawar's 47th Ward:

According to Crain's Chicago Business,

"A developer will name a new Andersonville condo building after the pioneering gay Chicago entrepreneur who ran a business on the site for 44 years before his death last year.

A new nine-unit structure to be built at 5015 N. Clark St. will be named The Renslow, after Chuck Renslow, who died in June at age 87. From the 1950s on, Renslow operated multiple gay-oriented publications, bars and, at the site on Clark Street, Man's County, a bathhouse he opened in 1973.

Quest Realty Group bought the site and an adjacent building at 5019 N. Clark for just under $2.2 million from Renslow's estate Jan. 22, according to Quest principal Jason Vondrachek. The building at 5019 has a commercial tenant that will stay in it [UU Note: Full Kit Gear], but demolition will begin in spring on the other building, where Man's Country closed in early January, Vondrachek said.

Naming the building for Renslow, Vondrachek said, was 'an easy decision. Chuck was out front and center before a lot of people were comfortable with that aspect of their lives being shared. We wanted to honor what he did.'" Continue Reading


  1. This is the second former Jeffrey Dahmer hangout to be demolished in the past year or so. Carol's Speakeasy, the drag bar in Old Town where Dahmer picked up one of his victims, was also demolished recently.

  2. The architect got his inspiration staring at a cardboard box.

  3. Damn Cappleman!

    The wealtherization and straightification of Uptown continues. It's all part of "the plan".

    Rise Up!

    If you don't badly dressed straight white guys such as me will feel free to walk around in shorts blinding indigenous low income or gay people with our paleness and bad fashion taste.

    It's going to be 50 degrees on Friday--we're already digging in our IKEA armoires looking for shorts with expandable waistlines because we've added weight the last few months.

    Wait, the voices in my head tell me Pawar is the alderman for that stretch of Clark.