Sunday, January 7, 2018

N'Ice Day At The Lake

Winter cold spells bring their own challenges, but as these photos show, Montrose Harbor maintains its beauty, albeit of a different sort. A reader, who wants to be known as Ann Onymous, went for a stroll Saturday afternoon and took these photos. In several hours by the lake, she encountered only four other people and one cross-country skier.  It was "a nice 14 degree day."


  1. ....From picture number one. ....Who knew that Gulls could walk on water!! ....I didn't know that they could, but there they are doing so in that first picture!! (-;Snicker;-)

  2. I went to the zoo Sunday and there was a lion and a tiger sitting around outside, just relaxing. They are Chicago cats for sure.

    1. ....I'm NOT particularly surprised at a Tiger lounging around in the cold, as some varieties are actually cold weather cats. ....However, the Lion (a hot weather cat) doing so, sort of takes me by surprise. ....Did you happen to notice whether the Lion was wearing it's Long_Underwear, or NOT!!??