Thursday, January 4, 2018

City Wants To Make It Easier For Residents To Recycle

In an effort to encourage Chicagoans to recycle using the city's blue carts, there is a new website that will tell you the dates for city pick-up of the recycling bins, as well as the regular plain-old-garbage black bins.

They'll even send you reminders via text or email if you'd like. It also lists significant recycling dates, like open hours at the city electronics recycling station on Goose Island.

To see what's up, and to sign up for reminders, go here.

The Recycle By City website is here.


  1. IMO Recycling requires that each resident take a recycling course, because even the smartest of us don't know what's recyclable. And also, remember, adults have children empty garbage and the kids just thrown any bag in any can, no matter the color.
    In order to be successful, the home dweller would have to have TWO house trash cans to separate the garbage into recycles. How many people would go to the trouble of buying TWO trash cans?

  2. I did. Pretty simple using a $6 plastic bin from target. We found that we have more recycling than garbage. I’m not a tree hugger, but it’s even made me think about composting, which I’m starting this year

  3. I also separate my recyclable from non-recyclable items. I even have my family rinse them out and toss the tops that can not be processed. It's the little things that add up.