Thursday, December 21, 2017

Let There Be Windows Where There Were None!

The filled-in windows along Kenmore in 2009 (Google)
The future home of Cedar Street in Lawrence House, complete with new windows
It's been a long, long time since the retail on the Kenmore side of Lawrence House has seen the light of day. For as long as anyone can remember, the windows of the former storefronts on Kenmore were covered. We are told that Cedar Street is moving their offices from Sunnyside & Broadway to their new location in Lawrence House, just behind these new windows. You might recall Cedar Street sold the building that was home to their former headquarters just over a year ago.

Between Heritage Outpost, Larry's Bar at the Lawrence House, the upcoming "3 Squares Diner" and now the upcoming Cedar Street Headquarters, this corner of Uptown is certainly seeing lots of change.


  1. I didn’t realize Cedar did such a bad job on the masonry repairs to the corner of the building. The interiors looked so good but the missing running bond pattern and cheap I filled brick looks super lazy.

    1. The bad masonry was not Cedar Street's fault. It's been that way for at least the past 20 years that I've lived down the street...

  2. The terra cotta repairs were done long before Cedar Street took over. So much of the decorative masonry has disappeared over the years. I was hoping it would be restored in the conversion, but am grateful for whatever transformation was done. Nest project should be the Loreli!!!! Another building that was stripped of much of it's terra cotta over the past decade.

  3. Due to the historic nature of the building, there were many limitations as to what they could do and couldn't do. It is my understanding that they couldn't alter or repair the exterior facade brick. They cannot power wash the facade brick. All of the replacement windows had to match the original style. The pool had to be brought up to code but all the original tile had to retained. Etc...

  4. Wow, I assumed those bricked up street level windows were designed that way. They are done architecturally correct. It would be nice if cedar street replaced some of those missing metal spikes above the windows and restored the terra cotta next.