Sunday, December 31, 2017

Freebies, Freezies, and Hangovers

Some New Year's reminders:
  • It's going to be a brutally cold -- stupidly cold -- evening, with wind chills between -25 and -30. Actual temps at midnight will be between 3 degrees and -10. Dress for it. You have a lot of other nights to look cute. The wind chill warning is in effect until noon Tuesday.
  • Don't drive if you're drinking (duh):
  • Tonight between 10pm and 4am, CTA buses and trains are free.  Not even a penny. FREE. Just don't tap your card, or you'll be charged. Just walk on and off.
  • LegalRideshare law firm will reimburse passengers of Lyft, Curb, and Uber for round-trip rides taken between 5pm and 9am up to $25 per person. The details are here.

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