Thursday, December 14, 2017

CTA Santa Riding Through Uptown Next Few Days

photo courtesy of CTA
It's the most wonderful time of the year! We love the CTA Holiday Train, and with the Purple Line now stopping at Wilson, Uptown now gets a double dose.

Here's the schedule for the rest of the Uptown trips:
  • Thursday, December 14 -- one round trip on the Red Line
    Southbound: Argyle 3:27, Lawrence 3:29, Wilson 3:30, Sheridan 3:33
    Northbound: Sheridan 5:39, Wilson 5:42, Lawrence 5:43, Argyle 5:45
  • Friday, December 15 -- one round trip on the Purple Line Express
    Southbound: Leaves Howard 4:35pm  and arrives Wilson at 4:41pm
    Northbound: Leaves Belmont at 5:38pm and arrives Wilson at 5:44pm
  • Saturday, December 16 -- one round trip on the Red Line, with Purple Line shuttle service north from Howard to Linden. There will be photo opportunities with Santa at Linden 4:45pm–5:30pm (Purple Line); at Howard 11:15am-noon (Red Line); and at 95th 1:45pm-2:30pm (Red Line). See the entire schedule here.
    Southbound: Argyle 12:32, Lawrence 12:34, Wilson 12:37, Sheridan 12:39
    Northbound: Sheridan 3:57, Wilson 3:59, Lawrence 4:01, Argyle 4:02
  • Sunday, December 17 - Wednesday December 20 -- not in public service.
  • Thursday, December 22 -- one round trip on the Purple Line Express
    Southbound: Leaves Howard 4:07pm  and arrives Wilson at 4:13pm
    Northbound: Leaves Belmont at 5:10pm and arrives Wilson at 5:17pm

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