Saturday, December 9, 2017

Checking In! New Hotel For Uptown In The Planning Stages?

There was an interesting paragraph in the article that Crain's ran about Uptown's future:
In 2019 the city will start a five-year project to rebuild the nearby Lawrence, Argyle, Berwyn and Bryn Mawr Red Line stations and adjacent support structures so they'll feature what riders now see at Wilson—wider platforms, better lighting—plus a new track and new bridges and viaducts. 
That we knew. But this made us do a double-take:
Next to the Lawrence stop, steps from the Uptown, the city is studying the potential for an upscale hotel, says Deputy Planning Commissioner Eleanor Gorski.
Stay tuned! We look forward to learning more about this.


  1. ....That's only *IF* Rahm get's re-elected the next time he runs.

  2. A BIG If. Why there? Is the entertainment section being built up too?

    1. With the Riviera and the Aragon venues operating there already, if *I* was in a band doing a concert, I’d be very pleased to be able to wrap up a performance and have a short walk to a hotel. And with a hotel right there, I would think it would improve the chances of the Uptown finally getting fixed and re-opened. You do a lot of naysaying and grumbling, Lianna—and your comments across the board make it clear that you look at everything through a very narrow prism without thinking outside of the box. If we relied on your “expertise”, Uptown would still be a collection of sub-standard subsidized housing, with not much more than t-shirt shops and nail salons served by a urine-soaked CTA station. Use your head, think beyond your own experience, and be constructive—Uptown is more than it used to be because of people who see what it COULD be for more than a two or three interest groups.

  3. Wow!! A fancy hotel almost right next door to the Uptown Theater.