Saturday, December 23, 2017

Bank Returning To Space Created For A Bank

The original home of the Sheridan Trust & Savings Bank, Broadway & Racine
Scrims in the windows
Things sometimes have a way of coming full circle.

Scrims are up in the windows of the space below First Ascent Climbing Gym at Broadway and Racine announcing "Huntington Bank" and its upcoming arrival. This would be the first branch on the north lakefront.

Residents know this spot as either a long-vacant space, the Borders space, or Goldblatt's, and real old-timers might recall Loren Miller & Co. occupying this space. Did you know that before all of those tenants, it was originally built for a bank? The Sheridan Trust & Savings Bank first called this space home until it moved to the much larger white terra cotta building on the SE corner of Lawrence and Broadway. Bridgeview Bank now occupies the space.

We're happy to see this space finally occupied! There are two vacant spots left in this complex, so if banks don't strike your fancy, be sure to spread the word to anyone looking for retail.

If you're interested, Designslinger has a great history of this building to check out.


  1. What a beautiful building it was! Bring back those windows!

  2. Filled in retail is good, but it looked like the city designed the plaza to the north with breathing room for an outdoor patio. Again, having any tenant is better than none. I want the parking lot between Clifton and the L to be built up with apartments and bring a ton of new residents in.

  3. It's is an improvement I guess, but too bad that a nice restaurant, which I think was the hope for that site, never materialized....Broadway still seems to attract only phone stores and mattress stores...