Saturday, November 4, 2017

Shooting Victim Found With Gun & Narcotics, Other Updates From Thursday's Shooting

Shooting victim Sauvignon Watkins
(courtesy of Chicago Tribune)
More information is coming out about Thursday night's triple shooting inside of Starbucks.

From the Sun-Times:
"A man killed in a shooting a Starbucks in Uptown that also left two other people injured, including a 12-year-old boy, had just completed a drug deal, and was carrying a weapon and narcotics when he was shot, according to police.

Sauvignon Watkins, a father of two from the Avalon Park neighborhood, was killed in the shooting Thursday evening in the Starbucks at 4753 N. Broadway, according to Chicago Police and the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

The incident started with a drug deal near Broadway and Wilson, according to Town Hall District Cmdr. Marc Buslik. Police said Watkins and a 24-year-old man who was also wounded were involved in the transaction.

The 12-year-old and 24-year-old were waiting for Watkins inside the Starbucks when the shooting began, Buslik said. But police later said the boy was 'not connected to the incident.'"
From Starbucks' website:
"We were saddened to learn of the passing of a young man and the injury of two others as a result of gun violence at our store on North Broadway in Chicago this past Thursday.

We will reopen the store tomorrow (Saturday), and continue to provide support to our partners (employees) during this difficult time.

We are proud of our long history in Chicago and our efforts to make both economic and social impact in its communities, and we are grateful to local law enforcement for the partnership in their investigation of this terrible situation."
A statement from Ald. Cappleman's office:
"On Thursday, Nov. 2, 2017, at approximately 8:10 p.m., outside the entrance to Starbucks on the corner of Broadway and Lawrence, a drug transaction led to the shooting of three young males, including a 12-year-old boy.

The incident began when one of the individuals involved in the drug sale ran inside the Starbucks, followed by another person involved in the sale, who opened fired inside the Starbucks, shooting the individual he was chasing and two others. One of those who was shot later died. He was a 28-year-old resident of the South Side who was involved in the drug sale. The third person who was shot was a 24-year-old male. The 12-year-old and 24-year-old were being treated for their injuries as of Thursday night. Police are still searching for the shooter.

Alderman James Cappleman was very disturbed to learn from police that drug dealing had been going on at Starbucks for more than a week. He said, “I will not tolerate businesses that do not work with the police and my office to maintain safety. We have had issues for years with illegal activity at this business, with very little response or help from Starbucks’ management to correct the problems.”

Alderman Cappleman is taking immediate action, including:
  • Following up with the City of Chicago’s office of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP), to correct the safety issues at Starbucks for the safety of residents in the ward;
  • Contacting Chicago Police Commander Mark Buslik to have an increase in police patrols for the area.
Alderman Cappleman’s office has reported this Starbucks location to BACP in the past, and the agency has conducted investigations and temporarily closed the business for previous problems.

If you have any information about this incident, please contact the Chicago Police Department’s Area North Violent Crimes detectives at 312-744-8261. Any resident who suspects or is concerned about illegal activity should call 911 and should attend a Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) meeting.

The next CAPS meeting for that police beat--Beat 1914--is  Wednesday, Dec. 13, at 7 p.m. at Clarendon Park, 4501 N. Clarendon."
We hear from various news sources that the 24-year-old man who was shot has been upgraded to serious condition (from critical), and that the 12-year-old boy's condition has been upgraded to good. The 12-year-old boy has been publicly identified as Camden Wall, and there's a story in the Tribune about his injuries and what kind of person he is.


  1. I'm happy that the 23 yr old will recover physically. I hope his emotional healing goes as well.

    As for the deceased he seems to have made some bad choices in his young life and those choices caught up to him. It would be nice to think others would learn from his example. It would be nice.........

    1. Irish, you're too kind. He lived southside and came all the way to Wilson to transact drugs? What is it about Wilson/Broadway that attracts scum?
      As for Starbucks, I won't be going there anytime soon. They need to station a security guard and security cameras. You can't expect those young (college) baristas to police the place. Boo on starbucks.

    2. I meant 12 yr old. I'm unsure of the status of the 23 yr old.

  2. Starbucks' sneering response to the Alderman shows that it is really not a community member but a corporate embassy that feels it enjoys diplomatic immunity. Better to drink local java.

  3. Maybe the alderman should embrace the businesses in the area. Also, maybe he can stop the drug dealing that is si blatantly obvious just 50 feet from his office door. I think he might have an idea about that going on.

  4. I don't see any "sneering" in Starbucks' response as posted here.
    Nevertheless, this business place provides jobs to local people and is a good gathering spot and meeting point. Cappleman knows well that the issue here is crime, not Starbucks management.
    Anyone who wants to sign a petition to support this particular Starbucks can find a link to Change-dot-org at Uptown Outside.

    1. After this, Starbucks should hire security and install cameras. How much will that take out of their corporate profits?

  5. Alderman Cappelman is pretty arrogant in his response. He begs corporate chains to open businesses- Ross for Less, Sonic- but then puts out a communication like this. I have an idea, why don't the police stop by this spot 3 or 4 times a night if it is well known to everyone that drug dealing is going on here? A cop walking a beat would go a long way. Get funding for that and quit pointing fingers.

  6. I'd like to encourage the Uprising folks to continue their online support of Starbucks and move on to marching in support. The sight of Ryne, Thayer and Punchie Hair Twerkie Littleton marching in support of Starbucks could sustain me for weeks. Sometimes irony sucks. Other times it's damn hilarious. This is the latter.

    Meanwhile over at Everybody's Coffee..

    I think what you will see here is that some scalawags were using the Starbucks as a front/base for their nefarious drug dealing. Cappleman and Starbucks corporate will address that and all will be well. Beat cop walking would be helpful too.

  7. Drug deals happen all day, every day at this Starbucks location. There's always someone shooting up heroin in the bathroom, in one of the stalls. This has been common practice for years and will continue to be. Uptown is a cesspool for the homeless and drug addicts.

    1. It's a direct correlation with the amount of SROs, charitable help programs and organizations, and public or subsidized apartment complexes.