Thursday, November 30, 2017

Rubloff Comes Alive (Majestically)

The construction fence came down today on the Leland side of the Rubloff Building, aka The Majestic Store (Everything For Men) and the reincarnation of the building can be seen. Work continues on the Broadway side.

The terra cotta has been cleaned and, when necessary, replaced. You can see the detail (for the first time that we can remember) in the close-up to the right.

The dark glazed brick represents the store windows in the original building. There will be display cases curated by Uptown United placed there when the project is completed.

There will be some street work done in the next couple of weeks on Leland east of Broadway, which needs it after the past three years of constant construction:
  • Beginning today, demolition of the alley apron immediately east of the Rubloff Building will begin, and it will be fairly noisy.
  • The south entrance to the alley at Leland will be closed off until Monday.
  • The resurfacing of Leland between Broadway and the alley is scheduled to occur next week. The milling will be Tuesday with asphalt on Wednesday.
You can see what the building looked like in 2014, right before it the facade was removed, piece by piece, for storage. Screen grab is courtesy of Google Streetview.

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  1. I only hope that nice black (or dark green; hard to tell) does not become an inviting target for taggers (see the upper floors of the Uptown Theater for validation as to what can happen).